Well Equiped Classroom

Well-equipped classrooms Boost Students' Learning. We are providing all advanced facilities in our classroom study program.

Driving Simulator

We use Driving simulators for training of driver's who opt for training in our Institute to enhance their brain power and to visualize the problems they may face practically.

Cut Models

We also Provide cut model demonstrations for clearing notions of our trainees.

Fire Fighting Equipment

We have with us fire fighting equipments for fire safety.

Driving Track

We provide different driving tracks for drivers to be trained in adverse situations.

LMV Training Vehicle

We are having good LMV training facilities along with the HMV Vchiles. (New Air conditioned Boleros are for practice.)

Hostel Facility

We offer Hostel facilities to the trainees those who opt for this. Hostel Dormitory: We are having long dormitories in the hostels for the trainees.

Hostel Dormitory

We are providing Hostel facilities in free with Breakfst,Tea,Lunch,Dinner.


Our Canteen is the best place where you can get delicious food at reasonable price.

Purified Water

We provide purified water in the institute as well as hostels. 24 Hour Power Backup: We are having 65 KVA DG for 24 hours uninterrupted power backup.

24 Hour Power Backup

At HMV Driver Training Institute enabled 24-hours back up for unexpected emergencies. HMV DTI do not leave our students in dark, we enlighten them even during the power cuts.


We are having a library with all advanced books and magazines.

Yoga Hall

We are having a library with all advanced books and magazines.

Volly Ball Ground

In HMV we provide sports facilities like volleyball, badminton for physical fitness of our trainees.

Badminton Ground

We have a modern Badminton ground which helps our student to relax their mind.

Fire Fighting

We provide fire fighting training to our trainees to face untowards situations.

Ladies Training

Training to women is provided in our institute as a special program. This model is designed specially to empower women.

Experienced Faculty

We are having highly experienced and experts for teaching trainees both theoritically and practically.

Multi Axle Tipper

BSIV Lynx Bus


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